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Prof. Marc A. Vos

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University Medical Center Utrecht, UMCU

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EU-CERT-ICD Team Utrecht

Dr. Anton Tuinenburg        


Dr. Matthias Meine



Dr. Albert Dunnink

Researcher, PhD student, physician


Dr. Sofieke Wijers

Researcher, PhD student,physician


EU-CERT-ICD Team Utrecht

Institute presentation

The departments of Medical Physiology (head MA Vos) and Electrophysiology – Cardiology (Drs Tuinenburg and Meine) of the Division Heart and Lungs of the UMC Utrecht have a long history in research dedicated to ventricular remodeling and arrhythmogenesis. Currently, the UMCU is participating in a number of multicenter clinical trials involving ICDs and CRTs, including trials as MADIT-CRT and Remote Cied (PI Dr M Meine). In addition, the UMCU is responsible for the core center ECG activities in the European Trig Treat study (700 patients) and the Netherlands MARC study (240 CRT patients). More specifically, a number of electrical parameters (biomarkers), alone or in combination, are analyzed at this facility, including quantification of beat-to-beat variability of repolarization (BVR) that has been developed by the Medical Physiology of the UMC Utrecht. A software program is installed that (semi)automatically will analyze the ECGs of the patients and determine their risk for arrhythmias.


In the past, some small clinical studies have suggested that BVR is a parameter that can be applied to risk stratify individuals at risk for arrhythmic events. The value of BVR will be confirmed and extended in the 2 clinical studies that are currently including patients (end of inclusion end 2013). In addition, the large number of patients involved in this application will serve as the final addition to the data set, enabling the researchers to exactly determine the prognostic value of BVR with cost effectiveness calculations. In addition, combining electrical parameters may create a higher yield of prediction.

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